Getting ready to re-open? Try CheckPoint for free to monitor zones that require attention and satintizing

As we all try to get our head around reopening our business, including us here at We Found It – we want to introduce you to a feature of WeFoundIt that might be of some help to you as you get ready to re-open to the public. CheckPoint is an intuitive system that allows you […]

Supporting our customers during this difficult time.

To help our customers in anyway we can we have decided to extend our free usage and demo tiers until the end of August 2020. We hope you were enjoying our software before everything ground to a halt, and we want you to continue experiencing it as your business restarts. We will be in touch […]

iOS app now available on the App Store

We are delighted to announce that our Apple iOS app is now available on the app store for free download. You can download it to your iPhone or iPad from the app store here.