SwiftAuditor- Your App for Safety, Security and Maintenance

If you’ve ever wanted to manage nearly every aspect of your business from one convenient application, then you’re in luck. SwiftAuditor can be downloaded on Android and iPhone in a matter of seconds. Within the app, you can manage your maintenance schedules, health and safety protocols, employee practices and more. It’s the ideal solution for every business, whether you run a chain of hotels or a full shopping centre. SwiftAuditor has a prime focus on accessibility and convenience, meaning that everything can be viewed with the simple click of a button. The days of juggling multiple apps across several devices are long gone. Thanks to Swift Auditor, you can access a dynamic set of modules which work seamlessly with one another, giving you peace of mind and the ability to run your business safely.

The SwiftAuditor app comes with three integrated modules, which can be found below.


SwiftFix allows you to log any maintenance issues with your phone camera. Simply tag the maintenance department to notify them of the issue, and they’ll be able to deal with it promptly. Anyone you tag will receive a notification, and the convenient photo feature allows you to pinpoint any issues with a high level of precision and efficiency.


SwiftPoint is integrated within the app, giving you the chance to scan any NFC tags by simply using your mobile device. You can set up SwiftPoints across your entire business, whether it is a cleaning point, a fire escape or even a cleaning point. You can then log them as being completed, with the same NFC function. No more back-and-forth, missed communication, or time-consuming conversations. With SwiftPoint, getting a job done is as easy as clicking a button.


With SwiftForm, you can create a dynamic form using a back-office system. You can then allow your users to fill in all of the required data through the application. If you need to construct an incident report or an SOP procedure, you can do that too.


Did we also mention that by downloading our Swift Auditor app, you can track equipment, manage lost property, record safety walks and more? The possibilities are truly endless, and as our customers would agree, we believe that this could be a real asset to your business.