Here’s how to program an NFC tag to use with SwiftPoint. NFC Tools is a free app on the Apple and Android App store available to all writes data to the tag.
  1. Download NFC Tools app from links above.
  2. Create your SwiftPoint in SwiftAuditor here, and take note of the SwiftPoint name.
  3. Open the NFC Tools app on your phone, and tap “Write” button, then tap “Add a record” button.
  4. Tap the “Text” option and enter exactly the name of your SwiftPoint and Tap “OK”
  5. Then on the net screen tap “Write / x Bytes” (where x is is how many byte your tag name consists of)
  6. You will then be promoted to scan the tag with your phone
  7. Once tag has been written all users of SwiftAuditor can scan your tag going forward.